Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun with Rollyo

For those of you who don't know, I have a lot of pet turtles.  Several different species.  They are all over the house in there tanks!  I'll probably talk about them more later and share more pictures too.  Well since, I'm a turtle person I decided to use Rollyo to search sites about turtles and tortoises that I'm familiar with and trust.  Unfortunately I spent more time reading about turtles than playing with rollyo options...

Here are a few turtle pics - 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Library - Thing - 11

As I am taking the cataloging course at Sac City right now, I am really starting to understand and enjoy cataloging.  Library Thing is more a social library catalog, though. The options available to uploading your books are impressive.  I wish I had a barcode scanner.  The adding books and finding them seems real sluggish though.  The layout is very busy when editing your books.

When it comes to making lists of my collection and rating and reviewing and sharing with others, I prefer  However I do like the widget from Library Thing to include cover flow of books on my list directly to my blog.

@Chris - AACR2 is a great book, it has all the rules and some very pecuilar wording. Probably cause Anglo comes before American in this title.  So i must share a strange rule from the book.

My favorite rules from AACR2 - 
21.26A - Enter a communication presented as having been received from a spirit under the heading for the spirit (see 22.14).  Make an added entry under the heading for the medium or other person recording the communication.

22.14A - Add (Spirit) to a heading established for a spirit communication (see 21.26).
Parker, Theodore (Spirit)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun with image editors

I think of myself as a relatively private person on the internet.  I play several types of online games, and the people I play with don't know my real name (I've played with some of these people for more than 4 years).  I also do not care to have my picture posted around either.  However, these days almost every website, social networking or otherwise, wants a picture of you and a detailed profile.  I have the solution.  Its even fun.  I spent a couple of hours messing around with it. Let me share with you now.  

The Rio Linda Public Library Staff!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Feeds and how to find them

Well now that I have reader up and running, its time to load it up with interesting stuff.

First, I already had several feeds there since I had started to follow other people off the 27 Things start page.   I added a couple of more blogs, such as the Sci Fi and Teen book feed from SPL.  I added my own blog feed.

Then I noticed I had my feed setup incorrect, so i fixed it like it says in bright red on the week 2 instructions on 27 Things.  And it finally updated into reader with the new stuff.  

I really don't want to be overwhelmed with feeds, so other than Unshelved comic strip, I'm going to leave the rest of the feeds off til I run accross something I want to follow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bloglines? No! Google Reader? Yes!

I really didn't want to setup another new account.  Everyone I know who follows blogs and tweets said use Google Reader.  So I clicked on Google Reader and i already had a couple of subscriptions. When I had clicked to follow certain blogs associated with 27 Things, they were already added to the Google Reader which was already active, since I created a google blog account.  After watching and reading through the tutorials, I've pretty much determined there really isn't that much of a difference between the two programs.

I definately prefer the Google Reader, since it is pretty much logged in and ready to go whenever I access any of my related blogging activities.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Technology - Thing 7

I love my Ipod.  So much so, that I went out last weekend and bought a new one.  Though I was sorely tempted by the coolness factor of the Touch, i really have way to much music I want to hear. Introducing the IPod Classic - 120GB of spacious, roomy goodness.  I spent all weekend uploading the rest of my CDs into Itunes, and now have a no repeat run time of 83.4 days.  Even better, the Ipod is not even half full.

Just prior to this momentous occasion, I had a complete hard drive failure and lost everything.  I was devestated about the amount of work loading 30 + GB of music into my Itunes took origanlly. Since Apple in its infinite wisdom decided to prevent music sharing via ipod by not allowing you to upload to computer from pod, I needed another way.  Then this amazing web site appeared: ILounge.  There are hundreds of articles about all things Pod.  I even found a tutorial on how to transfer the music on your Ipod back to your computer.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Raisin Warhol or how to mash!

Raisin Warhol
Originally uploaded by mjtlib

After exploring the wonderful world of mashups, and making a trading card out of my wife, I decided to use the Warholizer toy at fd's Flickr Toys to make a picture of the world's largest raisin box into ART!

Also reviewed a site called Internet Inferno, which took the tags from photos and then linked them to the levels of purgatory and hell in the order that Dante wrote them. Some pictures were just weird, a lot were spot on, and some were extremely funny. Apparently each time you load the page it creates new images too.

Front Desk with Bobby

Front Desk with Bob
Originally uploaded by mjtlib

Well getting back to our 27 Things project here. I decided to take a picture with our branch digital camera to showcase some new flyers, I worked up, to help market upcoming titles. However, Bobby couldn't resist getting into the picture.

Normally I would host the pictures using my own domain, but as this is the week about Flickr, I made myself a flickr account. The only problem (or should I say challenge) I had was needing to get another new email account , this time on yahoo. I really wish I could have signed up with my existing mail account or used the one i made for gmail and the blog.

Using flickr is very intuitive and following the instructions from the 27things blog links, I'm up and running.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rio Linda Library's New Drive Through

On April 2, 2009 a patron accidentally drove their large van through the exterior wall and in to our Science Fiction Collection. Thankfully no one was hurt, and now we get some good stories and some humorous sayings. Such as:

Someone took umbrage at our Science Fiction collection.
We didn't really mean that the library was van accessable.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7 1/2 Lifelong Learning Habits

After watching the presentation on 7 and 1/2 Lifelong Learning Habits, we were asked to write up which habit we personally found easiest and most difficult.

From my strong background in computer engineering and support, using technology to my advantage is definately easy for me. I understand how computers and networks work. Also i can generally navigate myself around most technologies by quick trial and error. Also reading the manuals and help files.

I tend to view problems as a crisis, instead of as a challenge. I generally am able to handle the problems but usually have a negative response. I'd much prefer to be preventative then reactive. When a problem presents itself, I handle it but generally make it a bigger issue than it needs to be

Welcome to the Blog

I'm writing this blog as part of the 27 Things program at the Sacramento Public Library. We are learning to use and interact with many of the new Web 2.0 technologies. While I'm a very technical person and highly internet savvy this is my first ever blog post. I've always been interested in blogging, but until now have never had a strong enough urge to actually do it.