Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thing 15 - Library 2.0

What is this 2.0 thing? Well our 27things program that we are all part of is starting the discussion and a move in the right direction to get us all thinking about it. But as individual library public services employees how does this all really effect us? In short, not much. Will this change, should it?

Don't get me wrong, I love technology and its uses. I even believe it belongs in a library setting. I also believe that it is something to continue striving for. However most of the changes and technologies in these articles have little to do with individual branches or staff members, and really focus on a system wide approach to materials and access. Our move to Encore is a key example of a great 2.0 tool. Our circulation manual turned into a wiki is fantastic.

So what can us branch staffers do to be part of Library 2.0? Blogging? Tagging? Developing wiki content? How is all this compatible with the Model of Service program?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Illumin... er... Technorati

Either Learning 2.0 is not really a good search term, or Technorati is currently broken. They have a notice about maintainence issues. What I really liked about exploring this site, was the channels on the home page. It appears that these bloggers seem to have the same or better access to information that our local news and even other web news sources have. You can also find a blog that has the slant you prefer, and they are unapolegitic about there bias, unlike traditional media sources which have a lot of bias but claim they don't.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Delicious, or how I learned to stop picking "Favorites"

So, its been a while since I've posted. Mostly because the branch has been busy, and my free time at home has been eaten up with a rediscovered hobby. Also, I was working quite a bit ahead. Getting on track again, I've decided to explore delicious with emphasis on my hobby, Gunpla (japanese term for Gundam Plastic Modelling).

First off.  Delicious appears to still be heavily used by a certain type and group of people and not a very "pop culture" or everybody site.  The most popular stuff day in and day out tend towards the extreme technical end of graphic design and web production, with cute animal pictures thrown in.

Even though it appears the average user is a highly technical person, the site has some very cool and exciting features, specifically user defined tagging and social bookmarking.  I think that there are some really interesting oppurtunities for an organization to share tagging guidelines and then go tag the web.  If an organization does this type of joint production we can help to create a unified pressence on the web and a useful resource.  An example is that we have all the SPL Teen librarians tag a bunch of sites as SPL Teen Interest, those people who are not with the latest teen trends could quickly find resources to get them up to speed...

Enough about thoughts and impressions, lets take a look when I search for the tags : gunpla

Several of my favorite sites on how to, how to get better, and what new models are coming soon are listed in the first page.  Also by seeing these sites and the tags, others use to describe them, I can find new sites, with maybe more specific information about specific models I'm working on, or different and cheaper ways to come up with the same effects.

The only problem is that the modelling I'm interested in doesn't involve flouncing down a catwalk, but there is definately posing involved in each area.