Friday, September 11, 2009

Rio Children's Area

Rio Children's Area
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We've been making a lot of changes at Rio Linda. We have new standing shelves with slat wall sides, as well as a spiffy puppet stage fro programs and for children to entertain themselves.

Up later, our new teen area. Currently in progress, waiting for some new additions and equipment.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rio Self Check

Rio Self Check
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Its been a while, however when I was reviewing photos today I ran across the shots I took the day our self check was installed. Its seen a good amount of use since then, especially amongst our teen and children patrons. Even some of our senior patrons have fallen in love with this cool little machine.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

La Dernière Chose!

I've enjoyed participating in 27 Things at SPL. I've learned a lot of new tools and ideas about social interactions using the internet. I think the biggest change to my Internet Life (IL) is the inclusion of Google Reader. The blogs and tweets I follow have become quite addicting. I really have a need to check on them multiple times a day.

After completing the program, I feel that there are some things that weren't much fun as others and that after the first couple of weeks the excitement sort of wore off. If anything I might consider making it more like 20 things and try and cram it into 4 or 5 weeks. While it would make a lot of work for those weeks, the excitement won't have time to wear off. When learning at your own pace in a busy life, it is easy to drop the learning to focus on the actual doing of your everyday tasks and ativities.

Overall, the program was a success. Thank you for letting us all participate.

P.S. La Dernière Chose! = (The Final Thing!)

Thingfo is invite only...

I popped over to to try and monkey with that widget. They are not available now. Thingfo appears interesting, but for my blogging, tweeting, and other social media presence, I think I'd prefer it to be about me. If I was maintaining a non personal site, such as a informational or marketing type site, I'd strongly consider a Thingfo widget to gather up "posts" about the topic of my site.

24 Mangos? Or is it, that Thing 24 is a Mango.

Well, I intended to sneak this in before the auto post about twitter. That didn't happen for 2 reasons, first the database portion of the site was down the last time I had time to Mango, and secondly I'm easily distracted.

Mango is really cool. I really liked it when it was sent out for the whole staff to review when we were selecting some new databases. I just don't have time right now to do 3 lessons, as they seem to take well over an hour each to complete. I chose to do Japanese, since I took it in high school, I still understand the structure of the language but pretty much lost all the vocabulary. After about 50 slides the first 4 or 5 slides are repeated several times so that by the end of the lesson the whole thing is fairly well drilled into your head. I skipped ahead to the later lessons, and discovered that the whole system is built on the previous lessons as well. Each lesson builds on the prior.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Twittering My Thumbs

So as part of 27 things, I signed up for Twitter in the first week or so. I've been on the Twitter now for almost 3 months. I found at the beginning it was new and fun and posted a bit. Though after a while, I've found myself very very interested in reading tweets from friends, coworkers, and various "celebrities", but not so much in posting myself. I do noticed that the prolific tweeters tend to have a mobile device that allows them to tweet as if they were sending text messages.

Some of my favorite people to follow are: Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, Brandon Sanderson, and Chris Freeman

You can follow me at or click on my twitter badge over in the right hand column.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scavenger Hunt #23

Just finished the scavenger hunt successfully. Our new site is pretty if somewhat tough to navigate. Especially if you were use to the big list of stuff the old site was. The only problem I had is the link to the Health database was broken when I tried it. Also Encore wouldn't place my holds until I logged in, then it worked flawlessly.

You really do have to hunt around to find stuff.